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Are you tired of getting beat up, shot at, robbed or killed while you were simply minding your own business??

Have you ever wondered how some mafia players are able to level-up in RECORD TIME over & over again without having to wait on more ENERGY??

Do you need MORE mafia members, the BEST weapons and ALL of the New York, Cuban and Moscow collections??

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Click here to view Nicky Cashworth's Facebook Profile (while logged in to FB). Add her as a friend. Once accepted (within 24 hours), you'll see on her profile page that she started playing Mafia Wars (on FaceBook) on Thursday, January 21st 2010. By Tuesday, January 26th (2010) she was already at level 315 and had MASTERED all New York Tiers (Master BOSS)!! That's only about 30 hours of playtime!! How long did it take YOU to become Master BOSS??

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How To Get More Mafia Players QUICKLY...

Obviously, the bigger your mafia (up to 501 players MAX) the more help you will receive in fights, jobs, looting and not to mention the gifting of special items. However, many of these advantages do not yet apply to "" mafia wars players. Hopefully they will update the tagged sites very soon:-)

If you are on Facebook, then you have the opportunity to take advantage of ALL the special advantages mentioned above.

Here is a group that I found to be quite helpful when first starting out. I went from 30 fellow mafia wars players to over 300 within 3-4 days. The object is to copy all the email addresses and save them as a FILE on your computer. Then upload this file, inviting HUNDREDS of Facebook subscribers (all mafia wars players) to be your friend. Once they are on your friend list, you can invite them to be a part of your mafia. Sound confusing? Don't worry, FULL instructions are within this group: Click Here while logged into Once you've joined the group, you'll find the email address under the "Discussions" tab. Then look for the discussion named, "MASS EMAIL ADD!!!"

Now, as those mafia wars players join you, you can also speed up the process by joining some of the other helpful groups on Facebook. This is MANUAL work but (again) you'll find HUNDREDS of players who will be delighted to have you on their Mafia Wars Team. Simply run a search for "Mafia Wars Groups", join a few of them and start clicking on some profiles. Invite each person to be your friend, while including "MW" in the invitation so that they know you're a Mafia Wars player:-)

If you are ONLY on then you'll need to "search groups" while logged into your account. Type in "Mafia Wars" and follow the same process... add as friend, then send MW invitation. I personally recruited 300 or so using this process. Now they are finding me automatically... I currently have over 1,000. It's as simply as that:-) ...Click HERE while logged into

You can ALSO let us know you were here by placing your Facebook or Tagged profile link on our Message Board so that others Mafia Wars Players can add you as well...

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